HVAC is a long term investment

I’ve never exactly been a full on whiz when it comes to finance.

  • I’ve been fortunate enough to have a good job inside some wonderful zone controlled HVAC.

But that was something I sort of fell into after college. My job is something that I like to do and isn’t the sort of high stress position that would eat me up from the inside. That’s the sort of thing that I’ve always tried to avoid. So perhaps that explains why I’ve never really been one to go all in on some high risk investments. Frankly, I just don’t know enough about finance to feel good about investing in anything that can’t be explained to me simply. When words like derivatives start flying around, I know I’m out of my depth. But I do have long term investments. The HVAC equipment in my house is a long term investment as is my home. The fact is that when I finally was able to become a homeowner, I wanted to have the very best in residential HVAC and all that HVAC technology. This was important because I’d just never had really great quality heating and air. I’d always had to make do. With the investment in my residential HVAC, I have treated it as such by joining the HVAC service plan. This plan from the HVAC company gives me many benefits from discounts on HVAC services to HVAC maintenance. And if there ever is a problem with the HVAC equipment, I only have to pay for the parts because the HVAC company will waive the HVAC service charge. I’m in for the long haul on this HVAC unit and my house as they are big, long term investments to me.



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