Guest cottage gets great HVAC upgrade

I like to spend a good bit of my time out here with the ductless heat pumps

It’s sort of hard for me to even say the words guest cottage. The fact that I’m in the position to actually have a guest cottage is nothing short of remarkable. And while I’m so thankful, it still makes it tough at times to really lean into this lifestyle. What we just spent on the residential HVAC in this house was what I put down on my first home. That place was a wreck and didn’t even have residential HVAC but it was mine. And back then, that was really something. These days, I make less of the decisions when it comes to how we spend the money. It all seems so crazy that while I’m involved and write the checks, my wife is the one who does the rest. She was the one to find this house as a matter of fact. And of course, we ended up ripping out so much stuff to remake the house the way she wanted it. That goes for the latest in residential HVAC and all the requisite HVAC technology. There is a new kitchen with all the latest appliances and stuff that looks like it’s right out of a commercial kitchen. But for me, it’s the guest cottage that I like. I had the HVAC company come out and install a pair of ductless heat pumps in this little one bedroom space. It sort of reminds me of my first house. I like to spend a good bit of my time out here with the ductless heat pumps. This space is just more appealing to me because it’s simple like I am at my core. But the ductless heat pumps sure do make it feel comfortable.

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