Always test a new HVAC before the technician leaves

I felt really bad for him, so I offered to send him home with some food

My sister and I decided to move in together this year. When we moved in we knew we had to make some necessary changes. I personally noticed that our air conditioner was sounding a little funny, so I called a local technician to come and check it out. He basically said that it was time to replace the entire HVAC, and we were honestly not ready to make that expense. We knew we needed an air conditioner for the summer, so we sucked it up and figured it out. We scheduled for the technician to come back the following week to install the new HVAC. After he finished the installation, he got taken away on a phone call before the system was completely up and running again. I thought that it was weird for him to leave before ensuring the air conditioning was working properly after doing all of that work to install it. After about an hour, the air conditioner still wasn’t working so we called the technician again. He came back and realized that he had forgotten to turn on an electrical plug. He acted really strange when he came back and didn’t really apologize for leaving so abruptly or making the mistake that led us to think the equipment we just purchased and installed was faulty. I asked him if he was okay, and he said that he had just gotten news that his mom was in the hospital. I felt really bad for him, so I offered to send him home with some food. I know how hard it can be to eat when you are feeling sad.


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