Time for residential HVAC replacement

The HVAC technician always says hello when he arrives to do the heating maintenance or the air conditioning tune up.

We belong to an HVAC service plan that is provided by our HVAC company.

It includes other benefits but we mainly joined to get consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance for our HVAC unit. So we’ve been accustomed to saying hello to the HVAC professional when he shows up for the HVAC maintenance and then going about my business. That’s why it was a bit surprising to have the HVAC technician knock on the door before he left. The news wasn’t great but at least it gave us a great heads up when it came to replacing the old HVAC equipment. I can’t say that I’m really all that surprised since the heating and cooling equipment is nearly a quarter of a century old. So it was time but I guess with all the HVAC maintenance, I’ve gotten accustomed to the quality heating and air going all the time. In all this time, I’ve never had to call the HVAC company for any sort of service. It’s really sort of a case of getting too comfortable. But at least I was able to get ready for this situation without having it be a crisis. Having that heads up was really helpful because I was able to get with the HVAC contractor. He was able to help us wade through all the new evolutions of HVAC technology for our new residential HVAC. And by the time the new heating and cooling equipment was installed, the old HVAC unit was just then not being able to keep up.
heating maintenance

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