She was hiding from the Heating plus A/C business.

My child came running into the apartment yepterday, plus ran up to her kitchen! She sounded frustrated when she passed by, so I followed her wondering what was wrong! When I got to her kitchen, she sat on her bed.

I asked if she was okay? She told myself and others the Heating plus A/C business was outside working on the air conditioner unit.

I already knew that plus I needed to guess what that had to do with her running to her kitchen. She said she was heading out back to get in the pool, plus I hadn’t told her the Heating plus A/C tech was there. She told myself and others she was young, plus cute, plus she saw her. I still didn’t guess what had her frustrated, unless the Heating plus A/C business did something to frustrated her? I asked if she had touched her or made some genre of overture toward her. She looked at myself and others plus got snarky. ‘I wish!!!’ I got up to walk away, plus she stopped me. She yelled plus told myself and others she saw her. I looked at her plus I noticed she had her bathing suit on, so it shouldn’t have embarrassed her. She wore this bathing suit all the time when she was in the pool. She even wore it when we made the choice to go to the beach on our family vacation last summer. I quickly put 2 plus 2 together, plus realized the Heating plus A/C business was cute, plus she didn’t guess she was in the backyard. When she walked out in her bikini, she either noticed plus smiled, or didn’t notice at all; Either way, she was embarrassed to be outside when the cute Heating plus A/C business arrived.


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