Learning about health and wellness

When I was in school, it wasn’t until I reached my first year of high school did they start teaching a health and wellness class. Before then, when I was in middle school, they had the main subjects like history, science, math and literature. Then they had a few others like art and music. However, it actually took awhile to learn anything about wellness and fitness. I am not sure why they didn’t include it in middle school, but either way I enjoyed the class. The health class went over what the ideal weight should be for your height and age. But they also showed us how to reach that ideal weight, and they showed us through health plans. We had to learn about the different food groups, and how much we should be eating every day. My health teacher also taught us training methods and what a good workout plan looks like. After she was done talking, she made us write our own workout plan, and how we were going to achieve our goals. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t do anything too extreme, but my plan was to go to the local gym and try some of their semi private fitness training. It turns out I loved the gym, and started group physical training classes. Eventually we moved on to other things like learning CPR, but I always tried to stick to my workout plan, and it has helped me maintain my weight at a healthy level. I am grateful for that class.

Workout planner

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