It’s like going to a new job with HVAC upgrade

Sometimes, things do work out.

It may seem just impossible but there is definitely always a chance that things can turn around.

Just the HVAC upgrade where I work was a sign that the worst is finally over. After nearly five years of mismanagement, our office is now free of the management team responsible for so much misery. It’s really a classic case of the Peter principle. The manager of the office was promoted by positioning himself politically. However, there wasn’t much more to it than that. This guy just simply didn’t have the skill level for the position. But that happens and committed professionals are willing to do what they need to do to learn. This person who managed the office was not willing to do that. But he was a master at covering tracks and misdirection. Like, he even took the budgeted money for a commercial HVAC upgrade and used it to shore up the bottom line. And so not only was the office environment chaotic and toxic, we had cruddy central air conditioning for the past nearly four years. So many of the good folks that worked here left due to the mismanagement. I was on the v erge. Yet somehow, I stuck it out because I’ve committed two decades to this company and I believe in it. So that manager and his team just got cleared out by corporate who sent out a transition team. The very first thing they did was to give us a long weekend so they could upgrade the commercial HVAC. We came back to work to find zone controlled HVAC throughout the entire office. This is a clear sign that things are turning around.


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