It’s all HVAC cooling all the time this time of year

I block the direct sunlight heating with solar shades

So it’s now August and that means that we are at the halfway point of the heat season otherwise known as summer. But the worst is yet to come. I live in a region where the heat and humidity come in epic levels. So that means a house that has the HVAC cooling going morning, noon and night. That’s just how it goes around here. For sure, you really do need great heating and cooling equipment. We have a newer heat pump that comes with all sorts of technology. This heat pump also comes with a very high SEER rating which makes this heat pump one of the most efficient that you can buy. That makes a big difference when it comes to all the HVAC cooling that we go through during the four months of heat season. When we replaced the old heat pump with this current version of residential HVAC, we were stunned by how much we saved in HVAC cooling costs. That being said, we still do our best to make sure that we aren’t wasting resources or money by over HVAC cooling the house. So I make sure that I still do my best to keep the HVAC cooling at a reasonable level. First, I start with an air conditioning tune up so the heat pump is running at its peak efficiency. Then, I maintain a tight seal on the house. I block the direct sunlight heating with solar shades. But it’s the programming of the digital thermostat that makes a big difference as well.


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