I can only hope this Winter will be better than last winter.

Although it is only July, I am already thinking about winter; Last year, we had the Heating plus A/C business to the apartment several times over the Winter weeks, the last time she was here, the Heating plus A/C business told us she wasn’t sure she could repair it any more… Now, it will be Winter again in a few short weeks… Both of us knew it was possible the Heating plus A/C business was going to tell us we needed a current furnace. Buying a current furnace this year is almost inevitable, however it is fancy. Instead of putting money back for a current furnace, over the summer, we made the choice to go on a vacation with our kids. Both of us let the method of purchasing a current furnace, slip out of our minds, the second we turned off the furnace plus turned on the air conditioner, but vacation was amazing, plus we made memories we’ll all remember, however I’m regretting it now. I called the Heating plus A/C company yepterday, plus I asked to have the furnace inspected before fall arrived. I told them I didn’t want to be caught without heating if Winter came early. I hung up the phone after having a pleasant conversation, plus then I deflated. That’s when I realized we could possibly end up purchasing a current furnace this year. I started going through our finances, plus our partner said she would call the bank plus see if we couldn’t add the cost of a current furnace to the line of credit we opened on the house. Both of us guess we’ll be fine, however it irks that we knew this almost a year ago, plus we still didn’t have a plan on how to afford the furnace.

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