Heat pump versatility is just perfect for our region

When you live where I do, you can almost set your watch to the sessions.

In fact, our region is often referred to as the land of four season.

And they aren’t kidding with that tag. It’s almost uncanny how precisely divided the year is. There are almost perfectly equal quarters of the year. Each season brings with it such a lovely change. The winters aren’t too tough when compared to much further north. There is a need of HVAC heating throughout the winter. But it’s not bad enough to warrant something like a gas furnace or a boiler. The heat pump is just perfect for our region. I’m often amazed by just the versatility of the heat pump. No matter whether it’s winter or summer, the heat pump is all we need when it comes to heating and cooling. Just about the time I’m getting sick of the HVAC heating, the spring slides in. Of course that is a time for the windows to be open and the fresh air to pour in our home. It’s tough to choose between spring and fall when it comes to a favorite. But I love that both of those seasons give the heat pump a bit of a respite. The summer definitely needs central air conditioning. Again, it’s all relative since it’s not as hot as those way down south. Still, the heat pump is doing its thing to produce the HVAC cooling that we need to navigate the summer heat and humidity. Really, I can’t imagine a region that is more suited to having a heat pump for heating and cooling. It’s like we get the most out of the heat pump no matter whether it’s winter HVAC heating or air conditioning in the summer.
Heat pump maintenance

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