He was a big man in a small basement.

I contacted the HVAC company last week, wanting to get ahead of rush of everyone else needing their furnaces cleaned.

Winter often comes early in our area.

Everyone gets nervous when summer is coming to an end. I was surprised when they called and told me the HVAC technician would be arriving less than a week later. My son was excited. He was three and loved it when anyone came to the house. He was especially interested in the air conditioning unit. He wanted to help the man work on the AC unit. When I told him he was coming to look at the furnace and it was in the basement. My son put his hands up and told me, ‘No basement!!’. When the HVAC technician arrived, I had to take a double take. He looked like Shaq. I looked twice and then I knew I was staring. He was just as big as Shaq, it every way. His voice was deep when he showed me his HVAC ID badge. I kept looking at him and he told me he wasn’t Shaq. I was thinking that this was a big man and he was heading into a small basement. I told him that I was just wondering if he was going to fit in the space where the furnace was located? I showed him to the basement and he followed me down. My ceiling were barely six foot, and the furnace room had only three feet of empty space around it. He looked at the space, and told me he was agile. He would have the furnace cleaned and serviced in no time.

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