Getting more indoor air quality with air purification

I don’t mind telling you that it’s so lovely to know that my house has the best indoor air quality possible.

  • But it’s even better getting the benefits of superior air quality thanks to an addition to the HVAC equipment.

We had a whole home air purification system installed by the HVAC professionals. This has completely changed our home. It’s like we live in a new house. I’m still sort of shocked by how you can live somewhere and not realize just how much it has changed. It’s sort of the frog in the boiling water dynamic. The changes in our indoor air quality were cumulative with just about added over the past decade. When we bought this house, the first thing we had to so was to replace the residential HVAC. There really wasn’t much else that we could do really. The seller was dead set against replacing the heating and cooling equipment prior to selling the house. Ultimately, it worked out for us because we negotiated a much better price due to the HVAC equipment situation. So we started out with clean air ducts and wonderful central air conditioning. Then we added a dog. Another dog and a stray cat soon joined the mix. I discovered how much I loved cooking at home as well. This all added up to a lot of odors in our air as well as plenty of airborne contaminants. And all of the sudden, we had terrible indoor air quality. But the whole home air purification system changed all of that in literally 24 hours.

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