It’s challenging to stick to my weight loss goal

I am so disappointed in myself. For about 6 months now, I have been attempting to get back into shape. It has been a constant struggle, especially on the weekends when I would like to have some fun. My friends and I love to go out to eat and have adult cocktails on the weekends. However, when I have adult cocktails, I tend to break whatever healthy eating I did for the week. I usually end up eating french fries or having pizza, a burger or some wings. None of which is approved by my personal trainer. He would like me to keep track of what I eat each week, but sometimes I omit the meals that I have on those nights when I am out with my friends. If he knew what I was doing, he would be disappointed in me as well. I know that I shouldn’t be hard on myself, and I should be able to let loose once in a while. However, when I finally decided to get a personal trainer, I made a commitment to stick to a strict meal plan. Unfortunately, it’s hard to do that when I am out with my friends, especially after a couple of drinks. So, until I get to my ideal weight, I might spend my weekends in the gym instead. My personal trainer would probably prefer that anyway, and my goal towards getting in shape would be more attainable. Perhaps, I will confess to my personal trainer what I have been doing, and then finally stick to the routine that I committed to. It’s Friday night and I am on my way out, so starting Monday, I will recommit to my goal.

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