HVAC Contractors, Artists, Musicians, plus Writers

Most of our family are artists, musicians, or writers, plus the 1s that aren’t are wishing that they chose that path too.

My uncle is an accountant who has made a lot of money, yet she said she would give it all back to have pursued a life as a musician.

It is sad when I hear this from people who are older plus realize they made a mistake with their job paths. I was an engineer, happily toiling in the HVAC industry, till I discovered the arts plus left it when I was 32 years old. I may have got into the arts just in time as I was still young plus ready to take on the world. I’m 55 now, plus besides toiling for the HVAC company selling cooling devices plus heating equipment, I do comedy shows plus play music in a band. I still have a lot to learn with music even though I truly like playing drums plus singing plus both of us put out some cool sounds sometimes when playing on the paseo by the beach. My bandmate works for the local supplier selling HEPA filters plus smart control units however truly wants to do music full time. I would also like to do it full time however realize that it is going to take a while till both of us hone our craft to the point that it is marketable. There are some local dealers who want us to play in their clubs, so both of us do have some light in the middle of this dark tunnel. Time will tell what happens.

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