An air conditioning malfunction at the school gym

Being a gym instructor is not what I would call a lifelong dream.

However, I am thankful for my job.

I ended up very much involved with and enjoying my work. Being a physical education instructor means that most of our classes are outside or in the gymnasium, and of course it means that I end up staying fit as well. Yesterday, as I was preparing for my next class, I noticed that the school gym was too hot, which did not bother me too much, because the kids still wanted to get their physical activities in and didn’t mind sweating. After the class, I checked the thermostat, and I saw that it was set too high. Every time I reset the settings of the air conditioning unit, it would lapse, and the temperatures would start rising again. The strange thing was that it was only two years prior that we had replaced our entire HVAC system with a new and more advanced model. The air conditioning expert had advocated cooling products that use the best cooling technology and were more energy efficient. When I noticed the apparent malfunction, I called the air conditioning business to send a tech to repair our system. The HVAC company responded quickly, the cooling specialist conducted an air conditioning tune-up, and the whole system ran efficiently again. It turns out that biannual maintenance would have prevented this problem. Another thing the cooling specialist did for us that we should have done a long time ago was replace the air filters. Since I oversaw the technician’s work, l learned more about air conditioning that day.



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