Today is the Only Day of Your Life

I’ve heard to live like it is the last day of your life but I don’t quite agree with that because I think I would live a bit recklessly and maybe to some damage to myself somehow.

I like the idea of living like today is the only day of your life, treating it special like it was supposed to be treated.

We only have today and if we look at it that way maybe we would appreciate it more, knowing that this day will never exist again once it is gone. Doing HVAC repairs is how I am going to spend this day as my system is acting funny and something needs to be fixed on it. I am certified in HVAC and usually do my own work but if the scope is too much for the tools I have on hand then I will contact the local HVAC company to come out and do the work for me. I haven’t done much in the line of HVAC work lately as I had switched career paths about 15 years ago and no longer have all of the proper tools to work on it. I can do minor repairs and things like that but if there is something major then I will just call my friend, who is a local HVAC contractor, and give him some of my business. He has been my friend for many years and I like to support him seeing he has five kids and a lot of bills each month. He’s had that HVAC company for about twenty years now.

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