My wifey has a way with people that is impressive to behold

I don’t guess what it is about me trying to deal with people, although I guess I don’t communicate well enough.

I usually have a taxing time care about when I take my wifey to a eating establishment. If I ask the server if they can adjust the temperature control settings, they usually will never do it. On the other hand, if my wifey asks for more good temperature control settings, people tend to do whatever it takes to make sure her request is met. It’s taxing to say what it is, although I guess care about she has a sort of hypnotic effect whenever you speak with her. There’s something about her piercing eyes and her comforting tone of voice. You don’t want to make her angry too and I guess people get that. If you make her mad, she’s going to ruin you and make sure you never make her guess that way again. I guess that she has good vibrations though because even when the two of us are just out places care about the mall, people come up to her to talk about random stuff. She’s telling me all the time how strangers want to basically tell her their life story and it’s a bizarre thing to me. I don’t have people coming up to me care about that just trying to get to guess me for no apparent reason. These nights, I usually let her deal with local suppliers who come to the house. Seriously, when she talks to the Heating and Air Conditioning professionals, they commonly supply us a 10% discount on the new home services gave, but and of course, no local suppliers have ever offered me such a discount.


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