My wife was right to call me immature back in the day when we met

It’s funny, my wife used to always say I was immature when we were first dating.

I know that she was right about that, but it still made me think about how I could be better for her. I remember when I was renting my apartment, she would come over and complain about the air quality or the smell in my place. That’s when I had an HVAC expert come out and help me improve the air quality. He said that I could install a powerful UV air purification system, but if I didn’t own the place it would be best to get a portable UV air purifier which I could move around my apartment as needed. He also advised that I use better air filters in my HVAC system. He said HEPA filters were the best but when I learned how expensive those are, I asked for another good option that was cheaper. It didn’t take long for the air quality in my place to improve and I knew that my lady was more comfortable then. Eventually though, she talked me into moving into her place. She was renting a whole house so there was a lot more space. Still, I acted foolish in the beginning. She would ask me to change the air filter and I remember asking why she couldn’t do it. It’s no wonder she said I was immature, I didn’t even do a good job cooking us dinner, I only would take her out to eat every so often because I never was a great cook. I’m glad she put up with me over the years because now we’re married and have 3 amazing children.


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