Which movie theater is the better one?

There are two movie theaters in my area.

One is just ten minutes away and is a locally owned theater.

You pay cash for everything but the prices are low. Tickets are only six bucks and popcorn is three dollars. It is so cheap if you want to see a movie. The chairs are a bit uncomfortable and the screen isn’t always totally clear. The worst is if you happen to go in the heat of summer or dead of winter. The theater definitely didn’t spring for a good HVAC system. My husband feels a little suffering is worth the low costs. He will give up HVAC and a good chair to pay less. For me I like going to the good theater that is 40 minutes away. You can buy dinner at the theater and they serve it to you. I usually get a personal pizza, vanilla milkshake and fries pickles for my meal. I also like that the chairs are able to recline and have good cup holders. The bathrooms are clean, the screen is huge and the HVAC is definitely new. Sometimes I have to bring a coat in the summertime since the AC is so powerful. The cost of going to this theater is more than double. I mean we do buy dinner, but the tickets are more expensive too. When a new release comes out my husband is always trying for the local theater and I want the more expensive one in the next town over. I feel quality chairs, food and HVAC are worth more money and he doesn’t.

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