Today is Going to be a Hot One so Lots of Breaks

I am working outside today in the sun and heat and am going to need a lot of water and breaks because the outside temperature with the heat index is 114 F! How’s that for a hot day? I’ve adjusted the smart thermostat to keep the house at 70 F all day today so when I come in I’ll cool down quickly.

I’ll take a cold shower when I come in and then sit in front of the fan while wet to get some good evaporative cooling action going. It’s amazing how much cooler you feel when you are wet with a fan blowing on you, we studied this in Thermodynamics class way back when I was an HVAC engineer. I used to build HVAC equipment when I started working and learned a lot about the cooling process. Today I will be painting the outside of a house and am going to try and stay in the shade while doing it because the sun is just way too intense and will burn my skin in a few minutes. I cleaned my whole HVAC system a few weeks ago and tuned it up so it is running very nicely now and cools the house down quickly. We usually don’t keep it at 70 F like this but today is a crazy hot day and I will need to cool myself down several times during the day. We got this smart thermostat that learns your schedule and adjusts accordingly but today I am going to have to reset it so it doesn’t change the temperature on me.

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