No Volleyball Tomorrow Because It’s Just Way Too Hot

I’m supposed to play volleyball tomorrow on the beach, but with the heat both of us are having now our body just doesn’t transfer like it does when it is cooler out.

I just came from overseas where the temperature was 40 F cooler and our body just isn’t actemperatured to it yet so it’s best for myself and others to avoid playing in this heat or I could get heat stroke.

I am going to visit our friend, who has a swimming pool, which sounds like a much more pleasant time than running and diving in the hot sand. He also has an air conditioned game room where both of us can shoot pool separate from even breaking a sweat. I can’t wait to see him and his wifey as it has been almost three years since last seeing them. I have a lot of friends I still need to visit here in the states like our local company associate who runs an Heating and Air Conditioning corporation near our house. He also plays volleyball but told myself and others the heat is also just too much for him to play in. I suppose both of us are hitting the 100 F mark with the heat index and it is only going to get hotter as the afternoons pass. I would much rather sit in air conditioned comfort and just watch volleyball on cable than to be playing it. I suppose I will go to our friend’s condo earlier in the day to help him tune up his Heating and Air Conditioning plan and wash all of the filters and HVAC duct. He is a good associate and I’m cheerful to help him.

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