No Energy Today So I’ll Just Sit in the Air Conditioning

I did some painting outside today but it was so hot that I lost all of my energy by 2pm so I came inside and took a cold shower and now I am hibernating in the air conditioning under a ceiling fan.

I will wait till about 730pm to go back outside when it is cooler so I can function properly.

My body has a rough time cooling down in this heat and I think it is going to take me some more time to acclimate to this warmer temperature. I have the smart thermostat set to 74F today so that I stay nice and cool in the house. I am going to stay here another six weeks before heading back overseas to my other life so I am going to have to adjust to this or I’ll be stuck inside most of the time. I think I’ll work on the air conditioning later with a little tune up job and a cleaning job. I want to clean the grills of the condenser and the filters so the AC is running at its optimal level. I noticed the other day that the AC wasn’t as cold as it used to be so this tells me that it needs to be cleaned and such. I would much rather do this than go out in that brutal heat and paint in the sun. I’ll do that painting work in the morning and evening from now on. I need to go buy some of that grill cleaner for the AC unit at the local business near me.


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