Just temperature controls-not zone control

My bestie as well as I were so excited by our rental house, rather than a tiny apartment, all of us had a whole condo this time.

The condo had more than 2 bathrooms, a sizable home office as well as lots of space to work out in.

Everything seemed fairly new as well as replaced as well. Every one of us both got super excited when all of us noticed a temperature control in the home office, living room as well as kitchen. I right away thought the more than 2 of us got HVAC zone control. I started researching zoned HVAC systems as well as how they work. My bestie as well as I were pumped by the plan of having the home office a little colder than the kitchen as well as living room. Every one of us talked about what temperature all of us wanted in the living room at night as well as turned off the rest of the condo to save energy. Every one of us came up with identifiable temperatures at certain times for each room of the house. Why bother heating a living room after you are done sleeping? Does the home office really need AC until it is time for breakfast prep? I was totally prepared to have an ridiculously low energy bill due to having HVAC zone control. After changing the temperature controls for a few afternoons my bestie as well as I noticed a problem. The temperature controls all changed together. It is just more than 2 temperature controls all hooked to a single central HVAC system. I googled what zone control HVAC units look prefer as well as I realized all of us didn’t have the right equipment. Someone just put in more than 2 temperature controls. Why would they do that? The more than 2 of us got our hopes up as well as thought all of us had a zone control, and now it is devastating to realize all of us just have pointless temperature controls.

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