Hoping to get a smart thermostat before we leave

My husband and I are debating on a vacation spot for this summer.

We want to go somewhere for about a week.

I am hoping to do some hiking, laying around and eating. I want somewhere beautiful and relaxing. I am right now trying to pinpoint different locations and their costs. My husband is trying to get everything prepared for us to leave. That is the deal. He is working on his mother to come and babysit our cat for the week. Our kitty requires a lot of attention and care. He likes to be brushed at 7 am and petted until he falls asleep. He also requires attention during the day and quite a few treats. He is a needy little beast. My husband also needs to find someone to mow our yard while we are gone and to get a smart thermostat. I don’t want to leave the house and expect his mother to run our HVAC. I don’t really trust her with the thermostat settings. She is older and very likely to not adjust a thing. With a smart thermostat we could adjust the heating and cooling remotely. We could get alerts on air filter changes, humidity problems and energy efficient settings. This way if the area gets a sudden heatwave, my husband can turn on the AC from our hotel overseas. The cat and his mother then will be in comfort. I know a smart thermostat will be beneficial down the road too. The thermostat will learn heating and cooling behaviors that we like making manual adjustments no longer required.

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