He disfigured our heat pump

I hired a lawn crew because I didn’t want to own the unit and waste time mowing our own lawn.

  • I figured they would mow, trim shrubs, edge and pick up any debris.

Turns out these men are horrible. I have timed them and they do our lawn in 12 minutes. The 1 guy gets on the mower and whips around our yard at top speed. It ticks me off how suddenly he moves because he makes mistakes. He frequently is blowing debris into our flowers and has run over our plants before. I recently got an costly heat pump added to our house. It is a ductless equipment so I have zone control. Every room has its own indoor air handler and control unit. I can have heating in the home office however A/C in the study room. I save currency by not providing Heating, Ventilation, and A/C to unused rooms. The outdoor air compressor sits in a slightly strange spot than our previous unit. I debated on warning our lawn crew however I figured they would see it. I was gone during lawn morning and came back to our heat pump not working. It was making an unusual noise and nothing was coming out of our vents. I then went outside and saw our outdoor equipment had a giant dent in the side of it. The mower guy totally ran into our equipment and just left. He never mentioned it to me. Well I will be calling them and they are paying for the heat pump repair. That plan is too costly to handle the cost on our own.



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