Adding a snowmelt plan because I hate shoveling

I absolutely hate shoveling snow.

It is heavy, time consuming and I always manage to get the snow inside our boots.

A lot of myf friends invested in snow plows and snow blowers. I hated the plan of purchasing unit just to remove snow. It is worried when you think about that. I really didn’t prefer that in the Winter time time I had to get up almost an minute earlier for work. I needed to shovel a pathway to our car. I needed to shovel an opening out of our driveway. I also needed to turn on the car heating plan to melt the ice off our windshield or hand scrap it myself. It was horrible! I finally did some research and realized that I own unit that could be used to remove the snow. I have a boiler plan that I use to heat our home. I called over a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier and had him hook piping up to our boiler. The piping then ran underneath our black top and tepid water flowed through the pipes. It is prefer heated flooring for your driveway, only it is a snowmelt system. With this snow melt furnace I don’t have to shovel anymore. All the snow melts when it hits our driveway. Also, since our car is sitting on top of a oil furnace, I don’t even need to turn on the car furnace early or worry about ice build up. Now in the wintertime I get up at the same time as usual. I don’t need to wear thick heavy boots and wait for our windshield to stop fogging over. I am superb to go.


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