There were so many signs that the heating system was losing efficiency

Owen is the type of guy that loves nature and spending time outside.

  • None of his friends were surprised that he disappeared to the mountains when the pandemic hit.

He got out of the city and went to live in a cabin in an isolated part of the state. Since he was a kid, he’d been frequenting the area and knew he could work at home while exploring the outdoors. It’s like he had the entire area to himself since no tourists were coming and going. During his escapades, he came across the perfect cabin to buy with the most amazing views. The only issue with the house was the heating system. Owen planned to stay in the cabin to test it out and noticed signs that the heating system was losing efficiency. It kept blowing a small amount of warm air into the cabin. In addition, that first month, the electric bill was so high since the unit required more energy to keep the cabin warm. Owen had to speak with the owner about the inefficient heating system before buying the place. Since there were no competing buyers, Owen had time to wait for the owner to install a new heating system and do some upgrades to the cabin. Being in the middle of a pandemic meant waiting for the heating and cooling company to plan the installation process. They had strict COVID protocols to follow to keep their workers, the cabin owner, and Owen safe. The whole process was long, but Owen was happy to be moving into a cabin with an efficient heating system.

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