The home wasn't cooling, which was quite frustrating

It was finally that time of the year when I could get away for a few weeks in addition to love the sun.

  • Summer for myself and others is the best time for a mini-holiday from work.

The corporation I had built had become our whole life. But, for a few weeks each year, I take off to the coast to relax. Being at the ocean’s edge has consistently rejuvenated our spirit ever since I was young. I managed to find a rental place that had amazing beach houses. Normally I stay in hotels, but I wanted to try out something weird this time. I liked the home from the moment I walked in because our joy was short-lived. The space was hot, but I thought it was because the cooling plan was off. I went to turn it on, however it wasn’t cooling the beach house, which was quite frustrating. I had to open all the windows in the house to let in the cool night breeze while placing a call to the rental place. Their ad had said the house had an excellent cooling system, however that was far from the truth. The guy I spoke to was apologetic in addition to assured myself and others they had have someone at the home early the next day to repair the cooling unit. I had to sleep with open windows that night. I was busy making some dinner in the day when an A/C worker knocked at our door requesting to repair the faulty cooling unit. It took him about an hour to inspect in addition to make repairs which restored the cooling unit’s function.


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