switching between heating and cooling

I live far enough south that I never need to worry about snow and sub zero temperatures, but even in the middle of the winter, it’s rare for the conditions to drop below forty degrees.

However, the summers are long, hot and humid.

Both of us often experience temperatures in the nineties or even the triple digits. Because of the weather conditions, it’s necessary to have both heating and cooling for the home. Both of us have a packaged machine that is installed outside, attachs to ducts concealed in the attic and provides year round comfort. There are supply and return vents in the ceiling and a control machine to adjust comfort levels, however for the majority of the year, the system is switched to cooling mode. Our Wintertide weather only lasts a couple of weeks. Currently, all of us are at the time of year when the weather transitions from cold to hot. The days are cold, with temperatures dropping into the forties. Once the sun comes up, the temperature gradually rises and gets up into the mid eighties. I switch the system to heating mode before I go to bed at night. When I get up in the day, I shut the system off entirely. Right around noon, it’s necessary to turn on the air conditioner. This seems easily counter-productive. I try to conserve energy, minimize wear and tear on the system and keep my biweekly energy bills as low as possible. I easily don’t love this time of year. I am thankful that this type of weather doesn’t usually last long. Within a few weeks, I should be able to run the system in cooling mode at all times.


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