Put our current fireplace to work in no time

Ever since buying a home with a fireplace, I knew that I had to put the thing to work. I have consistently wanted a fireplace ever since I was a youngster, and finally I was able to achieve that unique childhood dream. It’s something I never expected either because it’s not the easiest to find a home with a genuine wood-burning fireplace. I’ve seen some places with gas fireplaces or even the electric ones, but it was a rare treat to see this fireplace. The place was somewhat run down and clearly needed to be fixed up with some renovation work, but the bones and structure of the home were great. Also, it was in a place where flooding wouldn’t be a problem. So the people I was with and I had the fireplace fixed up nicely and cleaned inside and out. It looks amazing now and you better think I have been using it every opportunity I get. I have been reading books non-stop. Actually, there’s a couple of libraries not too far from our home, which is somewhat surprising because the people I was with and I are in a rural area. But there are small towns, and the libraries are fantastic! I truthfully couldn’t think the first Borders I stepped into, the temperature control settings were attractive and the air quality was superb. The librarian said they were using a UV air purification system. They said they had it installed when the pandemic first started, because they wanted to keep everybody safe. Well, that’s a appealing thing and suddenly, I want to invest in a UV air purification plan for our home.


a/c set up

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