Paying attention to the HVAC duct

For a long time, I ignored the importance of the duct system.

  • I have typically been conscientious about taking easily great care of the furnace and a/c.

I change the air filters every month and tied up professional service every year. I’d had my heating and cooling system for over numerous years before an HVAC company finally mentioned testing the HVAC duct. He pointed out that while the furnace and a/c share the workload, the ducts are handling both heated and cooled air. The breathing air of the home travels through that network of pipes multiple times her day. The company performed testing and figured out that the system was dirty and leaking. He estimated that approximately 20% of the heated/cooled air was escaping due to leaks at the seams. There was also a significant buildup of dust, pollen and mold. Whenever the furnace or a/c started up, those contaminants were becoming airborne and getting spread to every room in the house. My family was breathing them in and at risk of health problems, then our comfort was suffering from the separations at the seams of the ducts. I was definitely paying higher than necessary energy bills. There was greater wear and tear on the furnace and a/c. The company completed duct cleaning, sealing and overall service. I instantly observed the improvement. The living area required less dusting and vacuuming, odored better and all of us enjoyed more consistent temperatures. I now make sure to request duct inspection every year. By keeping the entirety of the heating, cooling and ventilation systems laboring at its best, I have peace of mind.

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