Now that gas prices are high again, I’m especially thankful to have my hybrid vehicle

I can’t tell you how many buddies I have who chose to drive gas guzzler vehicles off the dealer lot.

  • I always said to everybody that they should be investing in economic vehicles.

I actually remember the days of Obama being president when the gas prices went up really high. Dealing with those gas prices was hard for everybody. That’s when I decided to invest in an economic vehicle which is a hybrid. This was the best decision I made in a long time. The climate control system works great too, but I try not to use the air conditioning system so much. Of course, I need to use the heating system in the winter, but you don’t burn any extra fuel by using that because the engine naturally becomes super hot and that heated air blows through your HVAC vents according to your temperature control settings. It was crazy because back then, they said we would probably never see $2 gas prices ever again, but then we were able to see that again when Trump became president. Some people think it’s just a coincidence, but I’m not so sure. When Biden came into office, he chose to shut down the keystone pipeline right away, officially ending our energy independence. People laughed at me when I said Biden would ruin this country. Some people still believe he’s a good president. And of course, there are some who think the president has nothing to do with the cost of fuel and groceries. Well, with particular decisions that are made, there are natural consequences. Just like if you decide not to take care of your HVAC system at home, it’s naturally going to break down.

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