Not always junk

It really annoys me that many people throw away perfectly good stuff! What they don’t realize is that others could use what they are throwing away. For instance the other week I saw someone throwing away a ton of what seemed to be good portable heating and air conditioning equipment. There were a few portable space heaters, a few portable air conditioning systems and even a few portable air purification systems! I ended up stopping my car and grabbing everything. I took it home and tested it out in my garage. Lo and behold they all worked perfectly. Not a single thing wrong with them. So I went and cleaned them up, cleaned them off and then kept 1 portable space heater, 1 portable air conditioning system and 1 portable air purification system. The others I took to the local thrift shop as I figured they would sell them cheap and someone in need of a portable air conditioning system, a portable space heater or a portable air purification system would be able to benefit by this of getting them at dirt cheap prices. It sure beats me why people who are throwing this stuff away just cause they do not need it anymore won’t do what I did. Maybe it is because they have never been broke before and never been in need of things. That is the only logical reason I can think of as to why people act so stupid when wanting to get rid of things.


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