My partner loves being a real estate agent because of the flexibility

My partner John has been laboring as a real estate agent for 2 years now, and prior to this, he was laboring as a salesman, but he hated that he had to travel overnight for his task, & he decided that he wanted to be lake house more with his family, but his task as a salesman has helped him a lot as a realtor because his main goal is to convince a purchaser to rent or to buy a property, it takes some charisma & superb people skills to convince unwilling purchasers to make a purchase, & John unquestionably has plenty of that.

He loves being a real estate agent because he is a business owner, & according to him, the best section about his task is that he loves the flexibility, & he can set his own minutes.

I prefer the flexibility as well because John is now able to help myself and others more with our daughter Mia, however she goes to morningcare & sporadically, I am unable to option her up because I have to toil late, so John can swing by & option her up from time to time, however as with any work, there can be some challenges, but the only thing that John has mentioned was that there is a lot of competition in the industry. However, John will not let that stop or discourage him from succeeding as a real estate agent because with hard work, he is determined to win. I think he has done well so far, & he has exceeded his earning goals for the last numerous years. I think that John will continue to do well, & I prefer that he’s a realtor because when we are ready to purchase a current home, he will be the first person that I call.

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