My boss at the HVAC shop is a retired wrestler

My boss is a retired professional wrestler.

I won’t say his name, because he might end up firing me for blogging about him, but let’s say that 20 years ago he was a very famous face in the southern pro wrestling scene.

He is the owner of this company, something he invested in years ago, and comes around to visit the shop on a regular basis. I think this is mostly because he is old and retired and needs something to do. Although he owns this HVAC repair shop, he doesn’t know the first thing about the work – because why would he need to? His stock and trade was bashing heads and playing to the crowd, the only reason he owns an HVAC shop is because it was given to him in lieu of pay back in 1989. The wrestling promoter at the time was flat broke, and I don’t know what kind of strongarm tactics the boss used, but rather than take a beating the guy signed over his HVAC business. Since wrestlers don’t have a 401k, he held onto the HVAC company for all these years just as a source of revenue after he retired. We are not alone, by the way, aside from the HVAC company he also owns a car mechanic, a music store, and a gas station. He tells us that of all his businesses, the HVAC shop is his favorite because it has the best workers. I have a sneaking suspicion that he tells that to the employees at all his stores, because he’s still good at working a crowd.


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