Mold and mildew spores were affecting the indoor air quality

Have you ever gone on a short trip and been stuck in that area for months? That’s what happened to my partner and I.

we had gone on a short trip to visit our daughter.

She had given birth to our first grandchild, and boy, were we excited. The trip was good, but we were all worried about the Coronavirus. News about it taking over the world was streaming in every day, and before we could leave, all flights were grounded. We had no choice but to live with our daughter and her small family for months. Eventually, we managed to find a safe flight back home and were glad to be in our place. The only issue was at some point the air conditioning had stopped working. Since it was summer, our house’s heat and humidity build-up caused so many issues. The minute we walked into the house, we knew something was off with the air conditioning. The awful smell meant we couldn’t stay there until the matter was resolved. My partner has asthma, which would put his health at risk. After booking into a motel, we got an AC company to come by and solve the issue. In such a short duration, mold and mildew have started growing, and neither spores were all over the house. The AC company had to clear the mold and mildew first before it was safe for us to return to the house. Living in a house with mold because of heat and humidity can be a serious health hazard even for healthy people.

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