I’m so glad my house didn’t catch on fire

That 15 eighth absence almost proved to be fatal.

I have been using my space heating plan for years. It is a great addition to my family room, which often becomes cold! With the space gas furnace, I never have to worry about cold weather. However, I think since I have owned my section gas furnace for so long, I have become relaxed about the safety of it. When I first bought my portable heating unit, I was legitimately careful. I heard of the horror stories, plus so I made sure to read up on the instruction plus the dos plus don’ts of this certain kind of HVAC, then because I paid such close attention to the safety instruction, I never had an issue, that is until now. I knew a single of the things you were never supposed to do is leave the heating unit on while you’re away, nor are you supposed to plug it into a power cord. Well, I only planned on being gone for 15 eighths, so I figured leaving the space heating unit on for that period of time was no big deal. I also had it plugged into an extension cord, because I was having trouble fitting some other electronics that I had recently bought. That 15 eighth absence almost proved to be fatal. When I came back, the extension cord was smoking! I unplugged it, almost burning myself in the process, plus now my previously colorless cord was a dark brown. Had I been gone any longer, plus my house would have been on fire. I still suggest section gas heating systems to anyone, but, consistently make sure to be careful around them.


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