I prioritized getting our car’s oil furnace fixed because it’s early Winter already

I had to make sacrifices buying a cheap used car when our credit wasn’t good enough for a loan.

Some would argue that a car loan is more costly, but at least you’re left with a car in much better condition plus in far lower miles after you’ve finished paying off the loan.

With an seasoned used car, you’ll be paying exorbitant prices at the auto mechanic for the long term future until the car costs more to maintenance than what it’s worth. On top of that, if you manage to get the payments made on time, you will develop good credit for future purchases. Occasionally credit ratings plus scores are assessed when you’re trying to rent a home or an apartment. Unluckyly, I have to make do with our new car in spite of its several concerns. For instance, we’re already into early Winter plus our car’s oil furnace stopped working recently. I had to prioritize fixing the oil furnace before doing anything else because I will freeze in our car if I don’t. My commutes are over an hour in each direction plus I need that heat or I’ll be truly uncomfortable for a good portion of our day. This is how I’ve spent the last few weeks without our car’s oil furnace working plus it’s starting to drive myself and others insane. I’m ecstatic that I finally have enough money in hand to maintenance the heater, but it means I’ll be eating a lot of rice plus beans throughout the next few weeks to make up for the installation costs. It’s worth the sacrifice with hot plus cold temperatures dropping every other week.

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