I needed to have the cracks in my apartment sealed

I believe it happened slowly over time, but somehow over time I have gotten a bunch of different cracks and occasions in my house… My dog didn’t help this, by cutting away at weather stripping as a scratching post.

Although it was gradual, there was a definite difference as time went on, and i found it harder to heat and cool my cabin efficiently.

As well as it took longer for the apartment to heat and cool when I would tell it too! Of course, my Heating and A/C bills went up as well, because now I had to use both the air conditioning and gas furnace for much longer than what I used to. I was exhausted of paying high bills, plus seeing these somewhat obvious cracks in my house. Another reason why I wanted those cracks gone, apart from the obvious heating and a/c issue, is that bugs were getting through those cracks and into my house. I researched a bit online, and it turns out the nearby heating and a/c corporation does apartment sealing and weatherstripping services. I called the furnace corporation and asked them about it, and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t very extravagant. I was able to have the air conditioning serviceman out a few mornings later, and I showed him all of the spots around my house, the Heating and A/C tech was patient and careful and made sure not to miss any of the spots I mentioned, then she even found a few I didn’t even notice! After everything was said and done, all of us said our goodbyep. I could already tell the temperature difference in my home. I am also quite curious to see what this month’s bill is going to be.

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