I didn't want to stay awake all night worrying

I honestly did not want stay awake all night working.

My partner as well as myself visited with some friends and stayed in a hotel during the last weekend. The two of us wanted to spend the night and we chose a hotel with four-star reviews. The hotel turned out to be less than ideal. One of the biggest issues that my partner as well as myself faced was the plumbing as well as toilet issues. The toilet made weird gurgling sounds while my partner as well as myself were sitting in the bed. Things were quiet and then suddenly we heard some strange sounds as well as splashing noises in the toilet. It sounded exactly like a critter was stuck in the bath trying to get out of the pipes and into our hotel room. The bizarre as well as weird sound kept the two of us a weight and I told my own partner that all of us should complain. She did not believe the plumbing was a large deal however, but I thought it was since we were awake most of the night. I honestly did not want stay awake all night working. We were easily supposed to have some breakfast with multiple friends on the next morning before the two of us easily left for home. I was easily tired as well as also grouchy. My partner was irritable as well as tired too, so we opted to cancel our plans with our friends and we did not meet them for brunch the next morning. Instead, we got into our vehicle as well as headed back to the house for a couple of hours of sleep.

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