I didn’t think they made a/cs that small

Both of us knew it was going to be a slim squeeze, but the two of us thought the two of us were prepared for it.

There were 8 of us who would be sharing a single lake house at the beachside for the whole month of Spring break.

Accommodations were exclusive plus fancy in this area, which is why so multiple of us decided to stay in a single locale – it was the only way the two of us could afford to go! Between tearing the rental costs, the two of us would barely have enough cash left over for booze plus weed. Both of us were prepared for close quarters, plus sharing a bathroom, but the two of us were not prepared for a lack of central air conditioner in this condo. The only things they had for temperature control were a series of small space gas oil furnaces scattered around the house. Heating was not the issue here, cooling was the issue, so how could these gas oil furnaces help us? Both of us were all pretty frustrated about it, until finally a single of us got the real estate agent on the line, who explained to us that those weren’t space gas oil furnaces at all. They were cooling units, little a/cs that were strong enough to cool off a single room. If all the little AC units were running at once, then the lake house cooled off really nicely. Both of us all felt pretty stupid about it, because once the two of us took a closer look the machines clearly labled as a/cs. The rest of Spring chop was a blur, but the two of us all had a fantastic time plus the air conditioner in the lake house was amazing, but maybe I should get a little AC unit for my house.
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