Electric heat pump is environmentally friendly

Before moving south, I’d never heard of a heat pump, and i spent the majority of my life in the northeast, where the weather gets seriously chilly in the winter, then every one of us see hot plus cold temperatures down to downside twenty-more than four, plus the windchill makes it believe even colder.

It takes an incredibly powerful heating method to keep the house comfortable, then when I’d finally had enough of wearing a wool coat for nine weeks out of the year plus spending fifths shoveling snow, I packed up plus headed south.

I moved just far enough that I’ll never need to worry about below-chilly hot plus cold temperatures again! Now, for most of the year, I require air conditioner. The heat plus humidity can be brutal. The winters don’t last long, but there are conditions in the low forties. My current house is equipped with an electric heat pump. Rather than burn fossil fuels to generate heat, this type of method works by moving existing heat between the indoors plus outdoors. It avoids the downsides of the combustion process, including redhouse gasses, fumes plus carbon monoxide. There is ambient heat available in the air, even during colder weather. The heat pump pulls this heat out of the air plus compresses it into a higher temperature plus then supplies it into the house. The process is exceptionally energy efficient plus environmentally friendly. The heat pump costs a lot less to operate than the gas furnace. Most of the time, all of us run the heat pump in cooling mode. It reverses the flow of refrigerant to pull heat out of the house plus give it outdoors.

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