Converting from oil to natural gas heating

This past year, I invested into converting my heating system from oil to natural gas.

The cost of the project was considerable. However, I’m benefiting from significant savings on my energy bills every month. Natural gas is a less expensive fuel than heating oil. It’s more readily available. The former heating system was only 80% energy efficient, wasting a lot of the fuel that I was paying for. I replaced it with a high-efficiency natural gas furnace that offers a 98% AFUE rating. It not only costs far less to operate but provides better comfort and superior indoor air quality. Having a supply of natural gas connected to my home is wonderfully convenient. I have been able to convert other appliances to natural gas, including my oven, clothes dryer, water heater and swimming pool heater. I appreciate that natural gas is cleaner than other types of fossil fuels and less harmful to the environment. My new furnace emits about 40% less greenhouse gasses and 100% less sulfur dioxide. The natural gas is pulled from an underline pipeline and never runs out or gets disrupted by power outages. I don’t need to monitor our levels of heating oil to make certain we aren’t left without heat in the middle of a blizzard. We have gotten rid of the ugly tank in our yard and eliminated the need to schedule refuelining. All of these benefits have made the conversion to natural gas worthwhile. I hired a local HVAC contractor to handle the job. The company took care of everything quickly and safely. The new furnace is such a huge improvement.
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