Clara was scared there was a gas leak in her home

She went for a gas furnace which she found as more energy efficient.

It’s been years in the making but Clara finally hit her breaking point. Many people long to live in big cities where life is fast and successful. But, after decades of noise and pollution, Clara was looking forward to leaving it all behind. During the pandemic, she had stayed in this amazing small town in a mountainous part of the country. People who stayed there had an amazing quality of life and Clara completely fell in love with the place. Since her boss had made her position permanently remote, Clara saw no reason to stay. Her divorce had been finalized a while back and she could start her life wherever she pleased. There was a small cottage on the market near a huge manor house that Clara bought. All she had to do were simple upgrades plus installing a heating system. Even though the area looked amazing in summer and barely needed the cooling unit, winters were a whole other matter. The owner of the manor house advised Clara to hire an HVAC company to install an efficient heating system. Without it, it was impossible to survive winter in the area. Clara heeded her advice and found an area HVAC company to take care of the installation. She went for a gas furnace which she found as more energy efficient. The first time Clara used the gas furnace, she was worried there was a gas leak in her home. But, the HVAC expert she called for assistance assured her it was normal to smell a little gas after turning on the furnace system. He went on to add that Clara should monitor the smell and if it persists, she should call him back immediately.

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