Ahead of the curve for Heating plus A/C work

As a general rule, a/cs plus rock n roll do not go hand in hand… They always make too much noise, plus disrupt the flow of the rock n roll.

This is why a lot of major rock bands used to keep big oversized fans just offstage.

They would keep a continuous blast of air moving across the stage, which helped to keep the rock n rollians cool under the sizzling stage lights, but it was not really efficient, even if it was pretty quiet, although I had a better idea, then as a certified Heating plus A/C tech I was overqualified to be a roadie, although I had always been in love with live rock n roll. I went to the band I was laboring for at the time, plus told them I could rig up air ducts into the stage itself, so they could pipe in AC from behind the stage. It would be far enough away that the sounds of the a/cs wouldn’t disrupt the rock n roll, plus would supply them air vents they could kneel on top of plus the audience would never notice. It took a little trial plus error to get the air vents plus HVAC duct sited just right, but the two of us finally made it work, plus the band was stoked. They could literally kneel on top of an air conditioner vent now plus keep cool all through their performances. This was a while ago, by the way, before a time when Heating plus A/C tech was smooth plus quiet plus able to be sited virtually anywhere. At the time, the two of us were all way ahead of the curve!


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