Working my arms are not fun

I have realized that I don’t ever work biceps. I do a gymnastic based workout six days a week and on the last day I go for a run. I constantly work my legs and butt. My gymnastic tricks I have realized will do shoulders and triceps. My biceps are extremely weak. I never lift weights in that direction. With tumbling I am constantly holding my body weight up. That is working shoulders and triceps. Since I didn’t want to be weak in that area of my body, I decided to start lifting weights. Thankfully I found videos online of personal trainers explaining the proper way to lift. I bought myself free weights, weighted poles and kettlebells. I also started doing push ups and pull ups. I have realized that I absolutely hate weightlifting. It helps using different fitness gear to almost trick myself. My arms really don’t enjoy it though. I also struggle with the concept of low weight and high repetition if you want to tone and high weight, low reps when you want to bulk. I can really easily broaden my shoulders and get bigger arms. As a lady that is not what I want. I feel so weak only lifting six pound weights though. Shouldn’t I be able to lift more? I just want my biceps to be able to do something if the need arises. I also would like people noticing my arms and realizing I do use them physically. Right now I feel they just look big and not toned at all, despite what I do for workouts.



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