When I went for a check up, my doctor’s office was freezing cold

When I went for a check up the other day, my doctor’s office was so cold that I couldn’t stand it.

I think that their heating system was broken or something.

I guess my first clue should have been the fact that there were two different HVAC maintenance vans parked out in the main parking lot out front. I wasn’t really thinking about it until I got inside, though. I was supposed to go up to the fourth floor, and I noticed right away that the heating wasn’t working in the elevator. When I stepped into the elevator, it felt like I was walking into a refrigerator or something! It was super cold. I expected for it to be warmer when I got off the elevator at the fourth floor, but when the doors slid open up there it was just as cold. I saw a couple of HVAC technicians coming up the stairs with tools and a big piece of something that looked like sheet metal. I have no clue what they were doing, though. I noticed that everyone in the doctor’s office still had on their winter coats, though. Plus, someone on the medical staff had plugged in a little electric space heater out in the waiting area next to the big goldfish tank. I don’t know if they were trying to keep the patients warmer or if they were trying to keep the goldfish from freezing! Either way, it was still way too cold in there for humans or for goldfish. The HVAC technicians hadn’t made any progress at all by the time that I left, either.

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