Waiting for air conditioner repair

I got early to go on an eight mile run yesterday morning.

I hoped to avoid the heat of the day.

The temperature still climbed into the eighties. The sunshine and humidity and lack of a breeze were brutal. It was a great run, but by the end of it, I was exhausted and dripping sweat. I was very anxious to step inside my air conditioned house and cool off. I was really looking forward to my shower. I immediately realized that there was a problem. The house felt overheated, and I didn’t hear the air conditioner running. I checked the thermostat and discovered that the indoor temperature had already risen up to 79 degrees. I fiddled with the settings, tried changing the batteries and even replaced the air conditioner’s filter. Nothing worked. I finally called my regular HVAC contractor and explained the problem. They told me they would send someone over. I was relieved until I realized that I was literally dripping with sweat. I didn’t quite dare jump into the shower with a technician on the way. I didn’t want to be in the middle of shampooing my hair when he knocked on the door. I should have realized that service contractors never show up right away. I ended up waiting around for nearly two hours. I was smelly and felt disgusting. The technicians finally arrived, took the unit apart and inspected the various components. Fortunately, it was a minor repair, and he was able to fix it in under an hour. The feel of cool air pouring from the vents was such a pleasure. As soon as the service van pulled out of my driveway, I took a cold shower.

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