Tear down and not allowing any heat

Anyday now our hubby and I are going to gut our kitchen, however demo day is slowly approaching and I am preparing; Both of us are going to add a plastic sheet in the kitchen to limit the amount of dust. Both of us are only going to use the side kitchen door so no other dirt is tracked through the house. It is our hope to limit the amount of wash up afterwards. Both of us also have talked about closing the vent in the kitchen and getting no Heating as well as A/C. Since it is winter, that means no heating. I believe I can bundle up and tear down a kitchen separate from heat. I believe I can sand and mud separate from any gas furnace use too. The reason for not allowing any heat is not for money savings. I don’t want our gas furnace to run while there is dust flying around since it will suck it up into the system. Then our ductwork will be totally coated with drywall dust and debris from the tear down; When the project is done and I run our Heating as well as A/C system, the dust will fly from room to room and dirty all our surfaces. It also will pollute our air quality. It is much smarter to seal everything up, wash and then appreciate the whole condo heating effect. Those few tear down nights separate from a gas furnace are going to be tough though. That room is absolutely going to get freezing. It is going to make that already horrible job even more unpleasant. That is for sure.

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