Some HVAC jobs are tough

When working in the heating and air conditioning corporation as a certified heat and a/c specialist you sometimes come across jobs that you have to do which are absolutely tough, the most difficult task I ever had to date was really quite recently, I had to go out on a task to lay a bunch of ductwork for a house that was just built.

I never knew how difficult sitting ductwork was going to be.

I always had thought that the construction corporation building a house did all that, but I found out differently when this task came along, and me and 4 other heat and a/c specialists from the heating and cooling corporation that I work for were sent out to do this. Let me tell you it was murder! I did not sign on and go to school to become a heating and air conditioning worker to do construction work. I was really not cut out for this. But thanks to the other 4 heating and cooling specialists I made it through in one piece without killing myself or falling from the ceiling. After this task was done I went to the boss at the heating and air conditioning corporation and told them that I could not do this kind of HVAC work again, and that if it was a requirement at this heat and a/c corporation that I would be giving our 2 weeks notice and looking for a task at another heating and air conditioning corporation that wouldn’t send me on these type of tasks. Because they loved the respected HVAC work I do, they respected my wishes!

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